Handyman service

Are you the owner of a commercial building or apartment complex? If so, you undoubtedly know that there is a wide range of tasks in and around the building that require your attention, possibly on a daily basis.

On April 6, 2023, Van der Ent Group was honored with the distinction of Supplier to the Royal Household by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. Jaap Smit. Read more

Supplier to the Royal Household

Customized Service

With the handyman service from Van der Ent Group, you can outsource these tasks to a skilled and trained handyman.

The handyman takes care of tasks and handles everyday chores on your behalf. These skilled hands manage and maintain your apartment complex or commercial building. Just like with all our services, you can expect customization here as well. We ensure that the handyman service seamlessly aligns with your specific wishes and needs.

Handyman During a Business Relocation

Even when you use our business relocation service, the handyman service is a perfect addition. Because our handyman takes care of your tasks, you can quickly get back to work after your move. Whether it’s assembling and disassembling office furniture, delivering your old business premises, or connecting lighting, internet, phones, and/or the dishwasher in the company kitchen, no task is too much for our handyman’s skilled hands.

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