Furniture transport

As a furniture manufacturer, you want your products to be delivered safely, correctly, and on time to your customers. Therefore, it’s important to outsource your transport to a reliable partner.

On April 6, 2023, Van der Ent Group was honored with the distinction of Supplier to the Royal Household by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. Jaap Smit. Read more

Supplier to the Royal Household

Taking the Worry Out of Furniture Transport

Taking the worry out of your logistics is our expertise, and we do it with passion. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and a personal approach, we respond quickly to all your logistics inquiries. We also ensure an efficient and effective logistical process. Every working day, our professional team is on the road to support and relieve you.

Van der Ent Group has been active in furniture transport for over 100 years and guarantees maximum delivery reliability, quality, and flexibility for you as a furniture manufacturer.

We don’t just handle transportation; we can also assist with storage and assembly of your goods. Van der Ent Group offers services ranging from delivery to the threshold to complete packages. This can include unpacking orders, full assembly, and handling packaging materials.


Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are essential values for us at Van der Ent. When you transport with Van der Ent Group, you can trust that these values are a top priority. We aim to carry out our operations in the most environmentally friendly manner and consider the social impact of our organization. Curious about what sustainability and corporate social responsibility mean for you?

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