Moving elevator

Renting a moving lift during your move is the easiest and safest way to transport your belongings to or from an upper-level apartment without an elevator. That’s why Van der Ent Group has multiple moving lifts available for rent.

On April 6, 2023, Van der Ent Group was honored with the distinction of Supplier to the Royal Household by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. Jaap Smit. Read more

Supplier to the Royal Household

This Is How We Do It

When you rent a moving lift, it always comes standard with personnel. These experienced professionals are trained to operate the moving lift, so you don’t have to. Effortlessly, they relocate large pieces of furniture that may not fit through the stairwell or are challenging to lift to the desired location. Using a moving lift also prevents damage to your staircase.

The Benefits of Renting a Moving Lift:

Complete assistance from an experienced mover

Arriving, setting up, operating, and handling

Option to hire additional movers and/or moving truck(s)

Guaranteed quality

Free use of protective materials

Safe and efficient

Minimal risk of damage

Protection for Spaces and Furniture

In addition to the practical advantages of speed and efficiency, using our moving lift also offers peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your home. Avoiding the dragging of heavy furniture through narrow hallways minimizes the risk of damage to your staircase, walls, and floors. You can trust our team’s experience to plan and execute each move meticulously, ensuring a smooth and flawless relocation.

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