Relocation services

In addition to our international relocation service, we offer various extra services to provide you with as much support as possible. No matter where your move takes you, you can rest assured of a perfect conclusion to your relocation.

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Supplier to the Royal Household


One of the extra services we offer is our pet service. If you have a pet and wish to relocate them to your international destination, you can take advantage of this service. However, moving animals requires a specialized approach. The partners we collaborate with are trained for this and are well-informed about the latest developments in the import and export of animals. With this knowledge, we assist you in handling all the necessary documents, preparations, and steps in the relocation process for your pets.

Parking Permits

Another service we provide as standard when you move with Van der Ent Group is arranging your parking permits. In major cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, and Lisbon, you can safely assume that a parking permit is required. Because it is crucial that this permit is applied for in a timely and correct manner, our experienced move coordinators handle this for you as part of our standard service.

Shuttle service

You can also count on Van der Ent Group for shuttle services. It’s common for our moving trucks to be unable to access or aren’t permitted in certain areas. In such cases, our moving truck transports your belongings to an agreed-upon nearby location. At that location, a smaller vehicle, authorized to access the final destination, arrives to transport your belongings in parts. This smaller vehicle shuttles back and forth as many times as necessary to get your entire inventory to its final destination.

Assembly/Disassembly Services

The assembly and disassembly of your furniture can also be entrusted to Van der Ent Group. For disassembly, we professionally take apart your large furniture. This makes it easier to transport the furniture in our moving trucks, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your furniture, walls, floors, and other surroundings. Upon arrival at your destination, our assembly team ensures that your furniture is professionally and skillfully put back together. We ensure a fully successful assembly by creating a video in advance of the current setup and/or by using online instructions for the respective furniture pieces.

Handyman service

Lastly, for the perfect conclusion of your relocation, you can take advantage of our handyman service. The handyman handles tasks such as connecting and disconnecting your equipment, packing and unpacking your belongings, removing and hanging up lights and curtains, and performing minor repairs. Our handyman is skilled, works efficiently, is versatile, and operates independently, ensuring you’re completely relieved of these responsibilities.

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