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Do you enjoy making trips across Europe and crave variety and challenge? If so, the role of international driver-mover might be just for you!

As an international driver-mover, no day is the same. One day, you could be handling a relocation to Spain, the next to Switzerland, and then to Portugal. As a driver-mover, you’re responsible for (de)assembling furniture, packing and unpacking belongings, and moving goods from point A to point B. Being an international driver-mover is also a social job. You’ll have direct contact with the customer, and you’ll work closely with your colleagues at Van der Ent.

At Van der Ent, we value your growth and development. That’s why we offer various training opportunities. Furthermore, we provide a salary in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Freight Transport, ranging between €2,400 and €3,100. Your vacation days and pension plan are also in line with the collective agreement. Specifically, at Van der Ent, you’ll have 24 vacation days plus 3 additional days known as “ATV days,” and there is a pension plan in place. Lastly, Van der Ent commits to providing job security and employment opportunities for its driver-mover employees.

To work as an international driver-mover at Van der Ent, it’s important that you have a Category C driver’s license (and preferably a Category CE license). Additionally, you need to be flexible and comfortable with spending a few days away from home. Tackling challenges and taking them head-on is no problem for you. If you recognize yourself in this role and you’re excited about working as an international driver-mover at Van der Ent, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

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