Are you looking for a place to store your goods? At Van der Ent Group’s efficiently organized warehouse, we provide storage solutions for your goods, whether it’s for a short or extended period.

On April 6, 2023, Van der Ent Group was honored with the distinction of Supplier to the Royal Household by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. Jaap Smit. Read more

Supplier to the Royal Household

No Need for Your Own Warehouse or Business Premises

Van der Ent Group offers a wide range of high-quality services. We specialize in selecting buffer orders based on routes and customers. Additionally, we store pallets for customers and load them into your/our vehicles at the desired time. For the collection and organization of international orders, you can also rely on Van der Ent Group. We restack the pallets and load them into the ordered container. Lastly, Van der Ent Group coordinates the intake and outtake of your rental products. We ensure that your products are clean, free from waste and stickers, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Outsourcing warehousing offers numerous financial and process-related advantages.

By optimizing our warehousing activities, we can shorten lead times, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. For your organization, this means a reduced need for internal investments in facilities, equipment, and personnel. Outsourcing warehousing not only brings peace to your organization but also provides a solid financial foundation.


When you choose to outsource your warehousing to Van der Ent Group, you can trust that sustainability and corporate social responsibility are integral parts of our operations. We continuously seek ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and limit emissions. Whether it’s optimizing transport routes, using eco-friendly packaging materials, or implementing green technologies, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint.

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